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About AP Handyman Services

Recognized by his friends and family as a PROUD Husband, Father, Veteran, and Patriot. Trevor firmly believes the body of his work is indicative of him as a person and conducts himself accordingly.  A 5th Generation Idahoan, Trevor left his corporate career to focus on what he loves, His family and his constant need to fix and build things.  For nearly a decade, these passions have propelled Trevor and AP Handyman Services to the top of the list of Handymen called upon when a project or repair is needing to be completed. 


AP Handyman Services Bid Process

AP Handyman Service is upfront with all pricing. You can reach Trevor at (208) 758-5437 and depending on the scope of work, we may be able to provide a free quote over the phone. We also accept text and emails of photos and a description of the project to assist in estimating as well. All of our estimates and quotes are no-charge. Our goal is to ensure you know exactly the scope of the project and the costs associated. 


Repair & Construction Estimates

Trevor will gather all information possible over the phone/email/in person and provide an accurate quote. 


Job Kick-off

AP Handyman Services will arrive and provide expedient, professional, quality work from start to finish. Time is of the essence and we are never late.

Work of AP Handyman Services

All of our work is based on the premise of QUALITY first. No project is complete until you are 100% satisfied and sign off. Professionalism and Quality are at the forefront of our business


The Finishing

You can rest assured knowing AP Handyman Services' workmanship is second to none. In the unlikely event a workmanship or quality issue arises, we will make it our sole purpose to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


Quality Guarantee

Trevor is a proud Patriot and Veteran that firmly believes in the guiding principles our Fore Fathers set us out on.. Read any history book and you will see commonalities. INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and QUALITY.  These principles filter directly into how we operate. With integrity in all of our dealings we have found we have obtained respect in our field, which is poured into our work. With these two principles in engrained in our work, we delve directly into the Quality of the product and service we provide.  



All too often, projects and repairs for your home or business can be daunting. Our goal is for you to pridefully share who performed the work for you. AP Handyman Services' attention to detail and quality workmanship is documented by the numerous positive reviews we have received over the years. 

Google "AP Handyman Services" and see for yourself. 

See why your neighbors hired AP Handyman Services. Contact us Today.

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